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I am excited to share my new challenge for 2019 with you.

In October 2019, I will travel to Beijing to trek the Great Wall of China to raise money for the OTIS Foundation; a charity that provides retreat accommodation for those who are facing the challenges of breast cancer.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The diagnosis was a huge shock. Throughout 2016, I had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. It was a very difficult time for me and my family. Thanks to the OTIS Foundation who provided retreat accommodation during my treatment, I was able to relax and recharge my batteries to gain the strength to fight again.

Now I want to help other people who are on the same journey and going through a very difficult time, so I have committed to trekking the Great Wall of China with a team of inspiring individuals to raise money for the OTIS Foundation to continue providing invaluable support to those who are affected by breast cancer. I know that every step along the Great Wall of China and every donation is a step closer to helping someone in need.

Your donation will help us to provide retreat accommodation at no cost for breast cancer patients. My goal is to fundraise at least $3,500 for the OTIS Foundation. All donations are tax-deductable and go directly to the OTIS Foundation. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. The cost of the trip is at my own personal expense.

Thank you for your generosity.
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