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Truly experience the gift of charitable giving this Christmas by helping The OTIS Foundation to offer retreat accommodation, at no cost, to people dealing with breast cancer and their loved ones.

Each $50 will allow The OTIS Foundation to provide one night at one of its retreats to someone who needs it most, by covering the costs associated with cleaning and linen.

Your generous gift to a stranger will allow them to relax, reconnect and create special memories with family and friends in a beautiful environment.

We will provide you with a donation certificate which can be personalised to give to friends and family acknowledging the unique gift you have donated in their honour.

Certificates will be emailed to the recipient’s nominated email address once your payment has been processed.

Alternatively, you can enter your own email address to have the certificate sent directly to you for printing and presenting as a gift.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas.

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