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OTIS Adventure Update

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

In early 2020 we could not have anticipated the challenges which lay before our families, friends and colleagues here at home and around the world. For the amazing OTIS supports and fund raisers this also meant reviewing the much anticipated El Camino trek. However, in the true OTIS spirit we found that in these dreadful circumstances there was also a glimmer of opportunity to re-think our next big adventure and look to some of the most spectacular and enticing landscapes in the world - right here in our own beautiful country…..and we have.

I am delighted to announce that in early 2021 the intrepid Team OTIS will be heading to Western Australia for a Cape to Cape adventure. This new Aussie adventure will not only raise much needed funds to support gifted accommodation to those experiencing breast cancer, but will also support the national economic recovery post bushfire and COVID. 

The 5-day trek will take our Team OTIS through breath-taking forest and costal scenery across this ever changing landscape including Kilcarnup, Bob’s Hollow, Horseshoe Bay, Prevelly and the Margaret River Coast.

Best Wishes and go Team OTIS

Claire Culley



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