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The Otis Foundation is a national charity gifting retreat accommodation to people experiencing breast cancer and their loved ones.

The organisation is non-denominational and does not discriminate on the basis of faith, background, race or sexuality. 

Our Inspiration

The Otis Foundation was inspired by Judy Burley (1963 - 2000), a teacher with a passion for social justice diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29. She had a vision to deliver the peace, nurturing and comfort she found in nature to others faced with a similar challenge.

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Our Vision

To provide retreat accommodation to as many people experiencing breast cancer as possible, so that they may temporarily escape the psychological and emotional challenges that accompany a breast cancer diagnosis.

Our Mission

To provide quality service and engagement to all stakeholders in the acquisition and provision of no cost accommodation. To generate income that will support growth to serve increasing numbers of people facing the challenges of breast cancer.

Our Unique Gift

Each year, we make close to 3,500 nights of retreat accommodation available at no cost to families dealing with the challenges of breast cancer.

Our aim is to provide the gift of time and space in an environment that allows guests to relax, reconnect and take a break away with loved ones in the hope it will reduce the psychological impacts of the disease. We match our guests with available accommodation retreats, suitable to their needs.

Words cannot describe how thankful and humble I feel. Walking in, it felt like a cloak of serenity was hung around my shoulders.

Otis Guest - St Jude's retreat

Our Property Donors

The vast majority of our properties are made available thanks to the generosity of our property owners, who donate time at their property for Otis guests.

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Our Donations

All donations and fundraising support the cost of covering cleaning and linen expenses, providing the three properties owned by The Otis Foundation and supporting the Bookings Service we provide.


Donate Today

Each $100 donation enables us to gift one night of retreat accommodation at no cost to individuals and families dealing with the challenges of Breast Cancer.

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