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Bookings & Eligibility

The Otis Foundation provides retreat accommodation at no cost to those dealing with the challenges of breast cancer. This is achieved through offering time away to relax and reconnect with loved ones at an Otis property. 

The Otis gift of a stay is made possible by a combination of generous donations from property donors and partners, fundraising, sponsors and community partners who are all passionate about supporting individuals and families during this difficult time.  


Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we proudly offer Otis stays at no cost to those within five years of their initial breast cancer diagnosis. Our goal is to provide these stays as an escape from the psychological and emotional challenges that accompany a breast cancer diagnosis, at a time when they are most needed.

Booking procedure & waiting list

We aim to make the booking process for a stay at an Otis property as simple as possible. 

We recommend that you contact our Bookings Coordinators either by phone or email to assess your requirements and discuss property availability.

You can assist us by reading the eligibility criteria above then, if eligible, please email your full name, address, date of birth, an indication of how many people will accompany you and a brief description of how far you are through your breast cancer treatment.

Upon receiving your request, we will send you a booking form designed to gather essential information. This form requires the endorsement of a health professional (GP, BCN or Oncologist). 

After you complete and return the form, we will add you to our waitlist and as soon as an Otis stay, matching your needs, becomes available, we will contact you.

Call us: (03) 5444 1184 (9am-3pm AEST) Monday - Thursday



Your partner and loved ones are most welcome to come along with you on your stay. Linen and bedding are generally provided.  In return, we ask that the property and its contents are looked after respectfully.  Food, toiletries and personal items are the responsibility of the guests. 

As our property owners donate time to Otis for designated periods, it may not always be possible to accommodate your specific dates.  Property availability is limited during weekends and school holidays, a waiting list system is used to manage bookings.              

Cancellation information

We understand that sometimes things happen, and you may need to cancel your booking. If this is the case, please let us know as soon as possible. We have many people waiting for an Otis stay, so we will try our best to offer your spot to someone else.

However, if you cancel within two (2) weeks of your booking, it is unlikely we will be able to fill your spot and we will lose the opportunity to provide an Otis stay to someone who needs it. We also incur a financial loss when this happens. In this situation, we kindly ask you to send us a medical certificate if you cancel within two (2) weeks of your booking. This way, we can put you back on our waiting list and offer you another Otis stay when available. If you cancel multiple times, we may not be able to offer you another Otis stay in the future.

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Each $100 donation enables us to gift one night of retreat accommodation at no cost to individuals and families dealing with the challenges of Breast Cancer.

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