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Lisa Beckinsale

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Our family just wanted to thank your foundation and the property owners from the bottom of our hearts ❤❤

It was a year yesterday that I had that terrible discussion with my surgeon and the news of TNBC which threw my life into quite some mess!!

I was over halfway through my Master's degree to become an emergency nurse practitioner and I was determined not to give up!! Despite feeling horrendously nauseated and constantly being neutropenic I managed to get through my course, graduating somewhere in the top 3 of my course despite the bumps along the way. I tried to return to work in the emergency department during the 6-month chemo but had a few fails😂 finally returned during radiotherapy part-time!

So I finished radiotherapy one day and was lucky enough to attend my graduation ceremony the following day

Lisa Beckinsale

A month after returning to full-time work- I along with my husband and 11 yo son flew out to Darwin to stay in your gorgeous Cullen Bay accommodation

The house is just glorious!! Plenty of room for just 3 of us!!😜

We really did appreciate the getaway more than we could probably describe. I hadn't really rested at all through my treatment- as soon as I was feeling well, I was up studying the nights away before the next chemo round. My wonderful family and friends were with me through thick and thin.... and I mean this literally!! And while I love each and every one of them so dearly, what I'd really missed was some time to myself- and time with just the 3 of us. Paul, who lived on the boat at the property would laugh at me every day while I soaked in the water, alone with my book for hours on end, after our day's adventures!

Boy does the top end supply you with adventures!! We were busy busy busy with the great outdoors- we love being active so this suited us perfectly

I left a card to thank the owners, but if you get the chance, please please give them a big online cuddle from me. You're amazing people, all of you!! The generosity astounds me ❤❤ thank you thank you thank you

Each $50 donation allows us to provide one night to a woman like Lisa and her family.


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